Intellectual Property Rights - "OPT-Out" Facebook 2009
by Apollo D Loose

I started reading about IP Rights on the Internet, just about two years ago. In 2007, there was a writer’s strike. All the TV/Movie/etc. production had halted, TV sucked, eh? Good shows were cancelled, bad shows were in reruns, and the digital conversion from analog was still over a year away. There was a SUB-PRIME meltdown beginning in California, and no body knew OBAMA was going to be the next president! Life was so simple in the olden days.

Fast forward to 2009 - - Compensation is now paid for on-line content. This happened after the writer's strike ended; Union Writer’s are paid to add content to the Internet, and we are surrounded by professional writers - (over 12,000 of them).

So, I think the advertisers just need a CHEAP excuse to not pay THEM.

YOU and I are footing the bill, not with money, but with man-hours and all the legwork.

PLEASE protect your on-line Intellectual Property.

I only mentioned Intellectual Property once on Face Book two weeks ago.

So, I just needed to write a bit more about it, because this stuff is coming up again.

Then - someone sent this STATUS update to me, and I reposted it.

I think the importance of what is happening, just needed a bit more explanation, and only “YOU” have the right to distribute your pictures.

By not following the directions above.

"YOU" are saying, Face Book can use ANYTHING you put on “YOUR PROFILE” to sell to their advertisers.

Remeber: If you need any more help –