Roxanne did it 9lbs. 6oz. and FACE UP!!! This means she came out looking towards the sky, and this only occurs in .5%(1 in 200) non-cesarean births.

I was in such shock, the doctor had to remind me to get my camera after I cut the umbilical cord -

SEDONA GRACE is finally here HERE!!!

Look the cord is still attached.

Apgar was a 7/9

After 1 minute she was a 7
and then after 5 minutes
she was a 9

No problems there


The delivery doctors for the birth

Sedona brought out that smile that made me marry her,

Great Job Roxanne - I Love YOU!!

Look, at this baby...

Keep on scrolling, because...



Here's ELLIE!!!

Aunt Mary brought her from the school bus to the hospital, so she could see her new sister.

I ran down during the final minutes of labor to be sure Ellie was in the waiting room as soon as Sedona was born.

OMA, and her famous stare,

"What you looking at?"


Ellie Loose

I finally get somebody else to hold the camera for once,
notice the perma-grin,

I think I am still smiling.

Let's go to the Recovery Room