Roxanne was scheduled to have an induction so we knew Sedona's birthday would be no later than Wednesday, October 10, 2007. Here is the last family picture with the Magic Number 3. You can see the clock in the background - 6:38AM time to go to the Hospital.

All strapped in

Is that a basketball under your shirt or are you just happy to be here?

A great shot of the time - If you notice this picture Mommy is still smiling, but with Sedona over 10 hours away she had a long day in store, bring on the PITOCIN.

Nurse Monica was with Roxanne all day until 3:30PM, and actually worked on the recovery floor the next day, too. She tried really hard to make everything go as smoothly as possible.

Oma was there to help with encouraging Roxanne to keep up the hard work.

There were several doctor's in through out the day, and they assured Roxanne that she was ALL baby.

Look at the clock in the next picture - it took 9 hours to get to 9cm dilated, WHOA!!!

We had nurse Katey to make Roxanne's pain go away (a little bit), and it is almost time to have a baby,
has anybody seen a doctor around??

I am going to skip all the details of the birth and let's just see Sedona when she was mere seconds old.