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Loose Treasures Antiques and More, opened their doors February 1, 2004. Cher & Doug Loose are the owners. The name ‘Loose Treasures’ evolved from a contest within the Loose Family. Their daughters, Autumn, Bethlehem & Daisy, along with their son Apollo worked together to come up with a name for the store. Apollo set up a contest on his web site,, and votes were taken and the name ‘Loose Treasures’ was the winner!

Cher and Doug are proud parents and grand parents. Along with their 4 children they have a beautiful daughter-in-law named Roxanne, who is expecting their 5th grand child in October, a lovely grand daughter Ellie, who is six-years old, three wonderful son-in-laws, Rory, Stephen and Ashley, two grandsons, Orion, who is eight years old, Edison, who is one year old and a sweet grand daughter named Arielle Blessing, who is nine months old and adorable, of course.

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