Sedona Grace is HERE!!!

Delivery Details

Delivery Details:

Time of Birth: 10/10/2007 @ 5:22PM

Weight: 9lbs 6oz

Height: 21.5 inches

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Mother's Last Name: loose

Secret Word: esidra

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Any day now...

I got the most comments on the sympathy belly picture. So, it is time to update it. Only to show evereybody I could not be too sympathetic, eh?

As September draws to an end the weather is finally comfortable for Roxanne. Her last day at work (til December) was on Friday, and she is really looking forward to getting the finishing touches in the nursery. She asked me to add some pictures with the crib, that now has a mattress.

The more amazing thing is all the pictures we keep in our home. The picture below is classic Ellie, and of course if you scroll below that she still has the same smile, but with some teeth.




Week 37

Click for Ultrasound Pic from 09/19/2007

All is well, last night we had our first false alarm, starting at 10PM Roxanne began having contractions, they closed within 5 minutes apart by 1AM, and we called the Doctor by 2AM. AT 3AM were on our way to the Hospital...

This was it. Well, not quite?

We learned another important part of having a baby there is a whole new level of


Roxanne must go through. The next day off I will try to elaborate on what I am expecting this to look like, but meanwhile enjoy the video.



We put together most of the Nusery, and the big party is this weekend... I will try to update again real soon.

Click above to see pictures!


June Visit PART 1

Well, we were happy to report everything was normal for our first June visit. Then we had the rest of the afternoon to just be a happy husband and wife. So, of course we went shopping. Obviously this was more for her, but there are several things she wants this kid to have. Plus at this point she can now proudly use those "Mom-To-Be Parking Spots" at the front of the store.

June Visit Part 2

Four weeks later, and it is still June. Really, this is the July visit, but more important we got to see that we are having another girl. Well, Roxanne is having another GIRL. Sedona Grace Loose - - I am glad too, because there were too many boy names, and none of them seemed just right, and plus we can always try for another one in a few years, eh? Roxanne was also unsure about having a boy, because she knew what to do with a girl, as you can see - Ellie is so wonderful already.

Anyhow, the contributing factors of being the dad tend to lose their charm by the third trimester. All the swollenness, aching, and weight gain, I can still take credit for, and I am reminded of this with every popsicles that I must carry to her several times a day.

(Slight exagerration, maybe only two or three times a day)

I am very happy to be the Daddy, but the baby is officially Mommy’s from now until about next summer. There is a bond between "Mother and Child" that no man should try to intercede his wisdom upon. Unless, he wishes to look like a total ass to the entire female population through out all of history. Men should just learn to keep their wisdom to each other in these child raising matters. Women have been having babies for thousands of years, and they don't need any unsolicited advice.

It seems that only on particularly difficult days is any real credit given to MEN and their Super Seed. I find it is easiest to just smile and go get her another popsicle.




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May Doctor Visit

May 4, 2007

And here are the BELLIES. Well, we really had a tough time in the month of April. I can honestly say without any doubts that this was the longest month so far. And it isn't even SUMMER, yet (Can you say 105 Degrees with 99% humidity?)

Roxanne had the flu for a few days in April. So, all I can say is thank goodness for rollover minutes, and I feel we should be able to make cellphones inoperable with 150 feet. SO, then I would not get a call from the bedroom, while I am doing the dishes. Just kidding, ROX in case you read this you can always call on me, okay?

There were other health issues, but not for the whole world to know, as she would say. Just know we made it through it all.

Roxanne also had the flu with Ellie, so in hind sight. We are PAR for the course with this pregnancy, too.

When we did eventually get to the Doctor's office last week it was kinda funny - because they wanted to know how everything was going. And by now everything is going just fine! We just had to deal with everything else for the last 4 weeks. And NOW we are all better :-)


I will just blame it on the WEATHER, thank god Spring is finally here, and I don't have to hear the heater running in the middle of the night. Because, if I try to blame my woes on her hormones, it will be the last thing I blame anything on for a long-long time.

Women get that hormone pass, once a month when they are not pregnant. NOW, it seems like the roller coaster never stops. Recent things I did wrong, hmmmm?

  • Sleeping
  • Being awake
  • Helping with Ellie
  • Not helping with Ellie
  • Doing laundry
  • Not doing laundry
  • Cooking supper
  • Not cooking supper with a vegetable
  • Mowing the lawn - that was something I did good
  • Not mowing it right now, well, she will be home soon to see this, hmmmm?

At least I know there is always tomorrow, eh? And the baby is starting to move more frequently, and that really makes a difference. It is a security check for parents to know things are going all right. And the kid is doing just GREAT.

Here is the best idea of the month that I had while I was walking downstairs for the Second CHERRY ITALIAN ICE in 30 minutes....

If Roxanne is in Labor for less than 4 hours, I get to name the KID, because of all the stair-climbing/cooking/laundry/babysitting I am doing already.

BUT, I don't think she wants this to happen. I was imagining her in the Delivery Room with her legs crossed shouting at the Doctor's - - -

"I need to wait 5 more minutes, this kid is not gonna be named LINUS!!!!!"



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Doctor Visit # 4

Wednesday April 3, 2007

Okay, everything is fine with Roxanne & the new baby. I guess in this the past five years things have changed so much with doctors and their own liability it is important to take extra care of Mommy & The Baby.





9 weeks
OB Visit #3


This doctor visit I would like to give you a little story to go with the surprise bonus picture. Our doctor visit was this afternoon at 1PM, and everything is going great. Just look at that picture, above. The baby doubled in size in only 2 weeks, and is now 2.5 cm long or about an inch.

I am going to be a proud Daddy for a few minutes here, so bear with me. If you know any Parents to Be feel free to link them here, for a DADDY's point of view on Pregnancy - WHY?!?! Well, I just got a ton of new bandwidth for, and till this WEB thing takes off, I am going to talk about the pregnancy & share some of my experiences. What the heck? I am even going to look for Ellie's old web site to get back on-line... Well, enough of that, on to the Doctor's Visit.

This was the long one, Doctor Visit #3 - in summary - we know your pregnant and you know your pregnant, so it's time to get all this what if you might not be pregnant bru ha ha, out of the way. This was a 2-hour visit, but they gave me some presents to keep me busy and share with Mommy. I got a grocery bag full of goody's lemme see what we got in here:

  • The Beginnings Maternity Center - Welcome Guide from the Hospital (Pregnancy for DUMMIES book, probably take about 3 hours to read all of it)
  • With you Every Step of the way, FOLDER. Classes offered by the Hospital for new parents, and their families. All for a FEE of course.
  • Maternity Pre-Admission Form, check in now so they have it all on FILE, that way when you show up on Delivery Day it's all about Mommy and the BABY - and also directions to the Maternity Ward, this is a BIG Hospital!!
  • 4 Brochures - Two for more pre-screening tests (wanna see if the kid is gonna be normal?), another FAQ book for MOM, and a How to Act Like a Dad Brochure
  • PLUS my favorite - An Enfamil - First Trimester Gift Box worth over $250 if you register at their website (AWESOME!!!)

WELL - - > Back to MOMMY and the Doctor visit, eh? First, the complete genetic history, mostly question's about Roxanne's side of the family, and they want to know everything from Cancer to the CLAP. I mean really this is just nuttty, and it took the DOC about 30 to 45 minutes. I am glad we are from such healthy families. We had Ellie 5 years ago, nothing has changed - why don't Hospitals get computers in here to save everyone some time? The poor Physician's Assistant had to write out every YES answer and WHY by hand. In case you were wondering there is no Cancer or CLAP in our genes, okay?!?

Next, the results from the blood tests - everything perfectly normal. Mommy hates needles, so the last thing she wants is to go through that fiasco again.

Now, it is time for the full physical exam - Women go through this once a year, but as a husband I can tell you OB/GYNs do a lot more than just turn your head and cough, all right? My sympathy side comes out for the ladies on this one - because for the next 30 minutes the wifey gets squeezed, poked, scraped, and prodded. And being the man that I am there is nothing sexual going on here at all, trust me. I guess women are gonna carry around a live baby for the next 9 months so things need to be checked thoroghly, and a lot can go wrong, too. Everything was normal here, too. No surprises, which is good to know, eh?

BUT after that, it is now time for the real miracle - hearing the baby's heartbeat. This is not the $20 headphones on your stomach listen to the ocean for an hour set of speakers. These doctor's have the industrial strength hear every whir and whistle inside of the tummy speaker. 1 minute, nothing... 2 minutes, huh, maybe? 3 minutes, I heard it very faintly, but the wifey was looking nervous, and the doctor knew it.

"Let's get another ultrasound to be sure in a few days, go ahead and get dressed." Awe bummer, the sound of the heartbeat will make your wife know everything is OKAY in there, and now we will have to wait :-(

BUT, then the doctor says,"C'mon down we will get you an ultrasound right now! Let's see where this baby is hiding?"

Well, after two hours of questions and examinations we get to see the baby. It's amazing - turns out the baby is way behind the cervix, and hiding from the microphone. But the KID can't hide from the ultrasound, and it is doing LAPS in there. The picture shows a good shot of the head and the feet. We got to see the arms moving and hear that heartbeat 175bpm - a miracle. My wife wants an ultrasound machine in our bedroom, only about $20,000, no problem, just to check on the baby whenever she gets the urge. BUT - I know in 3 more months we will be feeling the KICKS, and in 6 more months she will want that thing OUT of HER. But today it is a MIRACLE!!! A healthy baby doing what a baby does, and just enjoying the ride, eh?

Next appointment in 4 weeks.





7 weeks

The baby does not have a name, we don't know if it is a BOY or GIRL.
But the baby does have a heartbeat (157bpm, WOW!)